November 2015 to June 2016

The refurbished pub and hotel has been granted planning approval. The project included the retention of many mature sycamores withn the design and the careful consideration of the impacts on a sensitive landscape in the AONB at Faccombe, Hampshire. Other projects include an LVIA for a large scale housing developemt at Newbury and a smaller developmet at Kintbury for Donnington New Homes. We are also in the progress of finalising an LVIA for a housing developemt on the edge of the New Forest at Lymington,a housing development close ot the Cornish border in west Devon, a landscape assessmet for a development at Fossbridge, Gloucestershire, LVIA for a housing developemt near Stonehenge, Wiltshire, a new housing developemt east of Andover and a number of LVIAs for farm re-developments in and close to the AONB just north of Basingstoke, Hampshire.


Detailed planting proposals and hard and soft landscape and construction details have recently been approved for a housing developemt at Over Wallop. A schem we worked on last year to grant planning permission and design details for an internal courtyard has been given an IRCS award for best new building.


We are also continuing to provide a service for client we have recently been granted planning permission to finalise on site works. Many other smaller projects have alos been completed which mean time on a wide variety of site across the UK.      



July to October 2015

Recent projects have included: detailed designs for a medium scale housing development at Over Wallop that has recently recieved planning permission. Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments at Thorpe Langton, Leicestershire, farm redevelopemts from  agricultuaral to housing near Basingstoke and Wroughton, Wiltsihre. A hotel re-developmet in Oxfordshire and landscape assessmet for new housing on the edge of Calne, Wiltshire and detailed designs for urban housing developmets in Christchurch, Hampshire and North Reading. We are also in the final stages of submitting detailed plans for a new rural park and associate housing developemt at Tidworth, Witshire and a refurbished pub and new hotel in Hampshire. Detailed planting and hard landscape plans for housing developmets have recently been completed for sites in Basingstoke and Bracknell. A EIA submission for a quarry extension at Calne has also been completed. We have alos undertaken many smaller planning application and destied designs thorughto the south of england over the last few months.  


May to June 2015

We have prepatred landscape proposals for the National Film and Television School at Beconsfiled and lnadscape proposals for the redevelopment of Malvern Instruments main site. We have also submitted an updeted version of EIA for Moneystone Quarry in Staffordshire. We are also working on a large number of smaller planning applications across Hampshire and Wiltshire.


March to April 2015

We have just been comissioned to undertake a further LVIA for an extension to a solar farm at the Port of Barry, South Wales. We have also successfully undertaken an LVIA for a housing development at Longhope, Herefordshire and Minsterworth for Four River Housing. We have undertaken an LVIA and landscape proposals for Tangier House, which is a substantial historic property near Basingstoke. The proposasl have included refurbishing the setting of the house and creating new stable blocks and substantial areas of new garden including vistas and avenues.


Februray  2015

An LVIA for a small housing development at Bells Field, St Mary Bourne, Hampshire as sucessfully recieved planning permission. Planning permission for a larger housing development at Over Wallop has also been sucessful.



January 2015

Delighted to announce we have received planning approval for the new tennis club in the AONB just north of Marlborough, Wiltsihre. Begining work on a LVIA for a new housing development and rugby club in Pewsey. Just drawn up landscape plans and managment reports to satisfy planning conditions on two new developments at Romsey and Newbury.


Happy New Year


August to December 2014

Still a full workload. Planning approval for the Solar Farm at Cardiff Bay and Bath. New projects include LVIAs for numerous housing developments in Hampshire, Wilthire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire for Fowler Architects and Planners, Quattor Architects, Studio Four Architects and McCarthy Watts. Many of the applications are for small to medium scale housing developmets on village boundaries in the AONB or other sensitive rural locations. We have also completed detailed designs for a courtyard and continue to provide input for the re-development of the Royal United Hospital campus re-development in Bath. we have also been missioned to undertake detialed planting proposals for affordable housing developments on behalf of housing associations in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. Finally submitted an application for a solar farm in Staffordshire.


May to July 2014

Continuing to be very busy and taking on chartered landscpe architects to help out with the workloads. Projects have included several LVIA for housing developments in the AONB across Hampshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. We have also been working on designs at Marlborough Golf Club, a solar park near Cardiff bay and several small scale housing developments. We recenty designed a play area at Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire and have recently been comissioned to undertake detailed designs for a sports development in the same village. Detailed planting and hard landscape plans for public housing developments in Thatcham and Bath have also been completed over the last few weeks.


March April 2014

Numerous LVIA reports for housing developments. Designing play areas in Wiltshire, detaield planting plans for Sudbury House and numerous other projects which are keeping us all very busy.


February 2014.

We have finalised the plans for the 3 sites for McAvoy and submitted the landscape proposals at Bath. We have received planning approval for the caravan site in Wiltshire. Work on the LVIAs at Shaftesbury and the AONB in Wiltshire is ongoing. Outline planning has been approved for housing developments sites at Kingstone, Herefordshire & Newent, Gloucestershire for which we carried out Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment late in 2013.


January 2014

We have been commissioned to undertake detailed designs and prepare contract documents for the redisign of the grounds at Sudbury Hotel, Oxon. McAvoy have commissioned us to carry out landscape designs for a future 3 school grounds at Southampton, Portsmouth and Aldershot. Fowler Architects have commissioned us to undertake an LVIA for a new farmhouse in the AONB in east Wiltshire.   Carter Davies Architects have commissioned us to draw up landscape proposals for a new housing development in the historic centre of Bath.


Hsppy New Year


December 2013

We have been commissioned by the McAvoy Group to prepare landscape proposals for a school redevelopment in Tuffly, Gloucester. The Wiltshire caravan design has now been submitted for planning. ACLA remodelled the site and designed the layout, which included substantial areas of native woodlands, wildflower meadows and attenuation drainage ponds.


November 2013

We have completed the LVIA for the solar farm near Grantham and finalised another LVIA at Alderton, Gloucestershire for a housing development.  The LVIA for a major housing development at Shaftesbury in on hold while the clients re-work the housing layouts. We have finalised drawings for the redesign of gardens at Sudbury House Hotel in Oxon.


October 2013

We are completing detailed designs for the location of an outdoor educational areas at a school in Newbury. The designs include the location of paths, ramps and steps in a Yew woodland. The removal of TPO trees was carried out to open up the woodland to create wildflower meadows and a pond area. We  have completed an LVIA for a solar farm in Staffordshire on behalf of Status Environmental limited.  


We have been commissioned  by Land Development and Planning Consultants (LDPC) to undertake a planning application for a caravan and camping site in Wiltshire. We finalised and submitted an LVIA for a Housing development in Newent. We have been commissioned by Pegasus Planning to undertake an LVIA as part of an EIA for a solar farm near Grantham.



July August September 2013

This website has now been updated to be mobile friendly and hence we have only just managed to re-configure this page of the website as a lot of the old web info has been lost of altered. We are very busy with solar farms in Norfolk and Staffordshire and a major EIA submission for a housing development on the east side of Shaftesbury. We will update this page when we have time, shortly.


June 2013

Finalising Staffordshire LVIA for a solar park in a redundent quarry. There have been a number of changes to accomodate ecological mitigation. Completed two further LVIA for medium scale housing developments in Gloucestershire. We submitted the final report for a housing scheme at Alderton in Gloucestershire. We have just been commissioned to design gardens for a wedding venue in Oxfordshire. We are drawing up the concept plans at for an August presentation. Awaiting finalisation of the earthworks at Goring and preparing plans or autumn cultivation and wildflower seeding.  


May 2013

Staffordshire solar farm project is now 95% complete, awaiting more geotechnical and updates survey information. Earthworks at goring has started  on 22nd  May and we will be supervising and preparing the final designs for the orchards, wildflower meadows and gardens adjacent to the house over the next few weeks. We have prepared landscape planning plans for a dementia care unit near Malsbury and are awaiting a commission for the design of the central courtyard to accommodate dementia care patients and other residents at the home. Abingdon business park design is finally completed on site with the installation of the feature fountain up and working.

Other commissions include the design for an outdoor classroom at a school in Newbury, a planning application for change on use from office to residential in central Oxford and a planning application for a new residential property in Islington.   Issues over building subsidence has been addressed with the application to remove a number of Tree Preservation Orders  at the Royal United Hospital, Bath. Awaiting confirmation of 3 playground designs in Wiltshire and Oxfordshire and a housing Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment in Gloucestershire.


April 2013

Work starts on solar farm LVIA applications in Staffordshire. Planning issues resolved at Goring and the Newbury school survey is ready. We have had a large number of job enquiries recently and aim to provide quick turn around fee proposals.  

we are also looking into re-location to an office in  west Berkshire, the search for suitable office accomodation a little more difficult than anticipated, but the current office space is a liitle too small to accommodate the new work loads. We are also looking for freelance and landscape consultants to work on future projects.


March 2013

Things are at last beginning to warm up for the spring. We are currently preparing fee proposals for 3 solar farms in the midlands, 3 play areas in Wiltshire and a play area LEAP in south Oxfordshire. Delays in commissioning a survey have lead to a hold up on the Castle school project. We are also awaiting commissions for 2 private house landscape application in Wiltshire and Berkshire. We are also in detailed negotiations with West Berkshire Council over planning issues at Goring and expect the issues to be addressed shortly.


February 2013

We have been commissioned to design an outdoor classroom for castle school Newbury. The design is located in existing woodland and to include outdoor teaching areas, disable access, woodland walks, ponds and tree works.

Contract documents have been prepared and tree works carried out for the site at Goring on onsite earthworks are expected to start very soon.


January 2013

On site works are continuing on the refurbishment to Abingdon Business Park. We have submitted landscape plans for a barn conversion in Oxford and designed two gardens in Oxfordshire for private clients.


December 2012

We have been commissioned to prepare a planning application for a farm restoration in the Hampshire AONB. The scheme is to consist of a lake, wildflower meadows and orchards designed sensitively to integrate into the AONB and a sensitive landscape area.


Nov 2012

We have been commissioned by Bayhill Properties to undertake an LVIA for a housing a development of 36 units at Kingstone in Herefordshire.


Oct 2012

Planning permission was granted or the solar farm project in Cornwall. Outline permission has also been granted for the development at Faringdon outside the village boundary on which we undertook a LVIA in August.


Sept 2012

We have been commissioned to undertake the on site contracts works for a new house development near Goring on Thames, working in association with John Pardy Architects. The scheme involves the restoration of a walled garden to wildflower meadows and orchard together with the placement of excavated material from the proposed house excavation to produce a raised terraced garden area.


Sept 2012

We have carried out an LVIA as part of an EIA for a substantial solar park to the west of Salisbury in Wiltshire. The impacts on the AONB is a significant factor in determining the planning application.


August 2012

We have just completed another LVIA for a detached house at Faringdon, Oxfordshire and  started on an LVIA for a housing development in Herefordshire and the solar farm development in Wiltshire.  We developed an abridged report format to speed the process along and save the client money. Tom Gulland is now back working with us on the plans and graphics.


July 2012

We have recently completed the LVIA for a solar farm near St Ives Cornwall and have been commissioned to carry out another near Salisbury in Wiltshire. A little less travel time as it’s just down the road.  We have also designed and submitted landscape proposals for a detached house near the Thames at Lower Basildon, Berks. The design involved integrating the house with a Victorian walled garden.  We have proposed orchards and extensive wildflower meadows and earth modelling as part of the design and hope to carry the project forward to on site work



We are currently working on detailing up and contract documents or the redesign of Abingdon business park frontage.


May 2012

We have recently been commissioned by CEC ltd to carry out Landscape and visual Impact Assessments for solar farms in Cornwall. the projects are on a short timescale to we are going to be busy.


April 2012

We finalised the redesign of Abingdon Business Park frontage in late April 2012 together with outline construction costs for a presentation to the client. The concept designs where very well received and we hope to draw up contract tender documents and detailed designs shortly with a view to site work starting in summer 2012.


April 2012

We recently received confirmation that our landscape restoration project at Stafford farm West Knighton was highly commended at the MPA biodiversity awards in 2011.  Anthony started work on the project when employed by Hanson PLC and finalised the successful restoration project whilst working as a consultant employed by ACLA ltd over a number of years.


April 2012

ACLA successfully reversed a enforcement action taken out by Swindon Borough Council against our clients. We submitted detailed plans and sections showing the precise levels and locations of relocated raised platforms to substantially reduce overlooking of neighbouring properties.



We have achieved our goals of getting to Google page one and now both ACLA and Branch Associates are popping up. Just search for Landscape Architects or Landscape Designer in Wiltshire, Oxford or Oxfordshire! This had lead to a number of new job enquiries over the last few weeks.


March 2012

We are redesigning the entrance landscape to Abingdon Business Park, Oxfordshire. The designs will create a high quality landscape setting to the business park entrance including new planting, lake features, water falls and fountains together with hard paving and seating.


February 2012

We prepared a series of plans for Bishopsrock Ltd for a planning application for a container storage site in Manchester and we hope this will lead to further commissions. Distance to site has not been a problem as site visits has not been required due to a video briefing on site and the use of Google Street View.


In mid January 2012 we prepared landscape proposals for the relocation of a new boiler house within the NHS Royal United Hospital, Bath.


We are currently working a number of planning applications in Berkshire to satisfy landscape related planning conditions and prevent enforcement action for medium scale housing development.


JAN 2012

ACLA is currently amending Branch Landscape Associates web site and dealing with the SEO ongoing development. We hope the web site will be popping up on page one of Google very soon (currently page 2!).


JAN 2012

We have recently submitted a series of detailed plans and sections and prevent planning enforcement action for a private development in Swindon. A positive outcome is expected early in 2012


The construction and planting for Bury Knowle park children's play area; Oxford was completed in winter 2011. The designs have been very well received and the play areas have become very popular.


In late 2011 we prepared a series of plans and contracts for a private garden design in south Oxfordshire.


The recent redevelopment of Newman University College campus has recently been completed. The outstanding issue of the installation of a major new sculpture has been resolved with the planners and 90% of the planting is now complete.  


In December 2011 ACLA drew up proposals for the final restoration plans for Cassington Quarry near Oxford on behalf of Hanson Aggregates. The plans have been submitted for planning.


We prepared an LVIA as part of an EIA for a large-scale solar farm near Andover was submitted in spring 2011. The local parish council has raised no objections. However the planning application is on hold due to the government cuts on the 'feed in tariffs'.


All recent LVIA and EIA polytunnel applications are been submitted for planning and on all occasions have been successful despite judicial reviews and high court involvement.


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