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ACLA prepared a report as part of an EIA for a large scale solar farm near Andover in Hampshire on behalf of CEC ltd Truro, in 2011. We concluded that the proposals did not constitute a significant landscape or visual impact. No substantial objections where raised during the planning process and the scheme is under construction in winter 2012/13.


We have also prepared number of other LVIAs for solar farms in 2013 in Cornwall, Wiltshire & Staffordshire which have either received planning permission or are currently at the planning stage.


In 2016 we prepared a chapter for an EIA for a solar farm of behalf of the Association of British Ports at Barry, Wales. The application wass approved in Autumn 2016.

Case Study - Pennoxstone,  Herefordshire

Port of Barry Solar Farm -site location & context

EIA Report example 1

Case Study -Solar Farms

Environmental Impact Assessments are carried out on developments which are considered 'significant' by the planning authorities in terms of their potential impact on their surroundings. A development such as a nuclear power station or airport will always need an EIA, whereas other smaller scale developments such as housing or solar farms are considered on a case-by-case basis based on their location and potential effects.


The planning authority will undertake a ‘scoping’ report, which will outline the information required to assess the planning application fully. This may require reports such as archaeological & ecological together with the range of detail within a landscape & visual impact assessment (LVIA).


As landscape architects we prepare the landscape assessment section of the application which will draw a conclusion on the ‘significance’ on the visual & landscape impacts line with current guidelines. We work alongside other consultants to produce the final environmental statement.  

We worked as a consultant to DLA ltd on a project to prepare a landscape & visual imapct assessment for a planning application as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for polytunnels in the Wye Valley. The site is to the north west of Ross-on-Wye. The extensive site is controversial as it is located in a prominent rural location within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It can be considered as a 'test case' for future soft fruit production and polytunnels in the Wye Valley and the wider impact and future landscape in this sensitive area.  The scheme received planning approval in May 2011.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

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