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RUH Bath Masterplan & Landscape Strategy RUH Bath - the new main entrance building.

The projects involved the preparation of a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment for the re-development of the Royal United Hospital in Bath. The proposals also included detailed analysis of the existing external spaces within and around the hospital buildings to inform the final designs and the overall masterplan.


A series of detailed designs have also been submitted  for the re-design of courtyards within the existing hospital infrastructure. In January 2012 we also submitted landscape proposals for the new boiler house planning application.


During spring 2013 we have prepared reports to remove Tree Preservation Orders on a number of trees causing structural damage to hospital buildings & replacing with more suitable species.



Case Study - Royal United Hospital, Bath

We continue to provide a landscape consultancy service to NHS hospitals in Bristol and Bath. This has included the preparation of Visual Impact Assessments, master planning for the re-designs of the sites, detailed designs and specialist arboricultural advice and management plans.


In February 2012 we prepared planting proposals for a new boiler house on the RUH site and as part of the proposals a tree planting ceremony is to be undertaken to launch the ‘RUH forest’ on the site.

Hospital Landscapes

RUH Bath Character Assessment and masterplan RUH landscape mitigattion strategy RUH paediatrics courtyard garden