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Case Study - Pinchington Lane, Newbury

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Pichington Lane

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ACLA has designed and submitted landscape plans for numerous housing developments across the UK. These range in scale from major urban extensions to Milton Keynes down to individual urban developments on back garden plots.


Consideration given to the wider landscape is a requirement for planning approval and often involves the preparation of detailed planting plans, hard landscape plans, construction details and management plans/reports. The management plan is often a requirement as part of the planning approval and commits the applicant to a minimum period of time to maintain the landscape on a development site until established. We also contribute towards the Design & Access Statements for planning applications and prepare and manage on site landscape contracts.


ACLA specialises in resolving issues with none compliance with landscape related planning conditions and dealing with enforcement action taken out against clients by local authorities. With considered negotiations we have resolved a wide range of issues and allowed our clients to gain full  permissions.  

Landscapes Planning & Design for Housing Schemes

Landscpe masterplan and planting plan

ACLA was commissioned to prepare  landscape proposals to support a planning application for a substantial housing development on the outskirts of Newbury on the site of a former recycling centre.


The proposals included native woodland blocks, planting belts and open spaces in strategic locations to integrate the development within the surrounding woodlands.  Parkland and informal recreational areas have also been designed which will restore a 'brown field site' to the local character of heathland, scrub and woodland blocks. The design also incorporates a fishing lake and ornamental and selected native tree and hedge planting to integrate the housing within the landscape framework.


Subsequently a detailed planting and management plan and report have been produced. Phase 1 of the development started in spring 2010.

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