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Case Study - Bury Knowle  & Florence Parks, Oxford

The project involves the design and refurbishment of play areas for the the Groundworks Trust on behalf of  Oxford City Council. Public consultation and draft designs have been completed and the contracts and detailed designs are currently underway.

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Older children's playground design - Bury Knowle Park, Oxford.

Other Selected Projects 2014

Toddlers climbing wall, boat, and play mounds during construction bury knowle youger kids bury knowle older kids

We have designed the masterplans & layouts for a number of parks across the south of the UK including Victoria Urban Park, Newbury and Kingston Bagpuize rural park. We have also recently been involved with the Groundworks Trust with park and playground designs around Oxford. The case study below illustrates one of our successful projects, which has proved to be very popular. Due to recent government cuts many of the playground designs are still on the 'drawing board' but we look forward to implementing these projects if funding is available in the future.

Public Park Design & Play Areas

What others say Bury Knowle 15 Bury Knowle older childrens area Florence Park Older childs paly area Florence-Park--older-childr bury knowle older rock bank & steps BTA SK 13 bury knowle toddlers climbing wall BTA SK 14 Marlborough-Tennis-courts-pllanning application and LVIA MUGA-court design-Chilton-Foliat Toddlers-play-area-LEAP Chilton Foliat for a planning application for associated housing

LEAP Play area, Wiltshire

MUGA court designs Wiltshire

Tennis courts Marlborough