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One of a series of phased restoration plan showing phase three restored and phase four operational design.

Case Study -Stafford Farm Quarry, West Knighton, Dorchester

The project involved the design and contract management for the restoration of an open sand & gravel quarry for 'Hanson Aggregates'. The scope of the design covered a series of part restored, active and potential working quarry phases over a number of years. The final scheme was highly commended at the MPA- Biodivesity Awards  in 2011.


We designed the contract to ensured that the working method would systematically reinstate land at a lower level using excavated soils. The volumes of workable gravel and sand had been estimated using borehole data (which is not always accurate). Even so, the quantity of restoration soils had to be calculated by carefully analysing the borehole data as closely as possible. The local geology was complex; estimates had to involve careful management of the soil resources, constant re-calculation and adjustments as the work progressed.  Detailed negotiation with the Local Planning Authority, relocation of important hedgerows, native tree and hedgerow planting plus accommodation of an established badger sett within the works all have been carefully considered and managed within the scheme.


The planning permission stipulated the site must be returned back to grade 1 agricultural land. We re-design of the topography to create a natural  landform typical to the area. The project was very successful and was subsequently submitted for a restoration award in 2010, see below.

Images during extraction, in restoration and on completion (click to view)

A simplified soil resources diagramme with detailed volume calculations for stripped and restored volumes to inform the final restoration. Wesk Knighton landscape restoration -

phases 4 and 5 on completion

The restored Quarry Summer 2009 (Phase III).

Relocated hedgerow & badger sett towards the centre of the image

Phased Restoration Plan

Soil Movement Diagramme

Many quarries are in sensitive landscape areas such as the Isle of Portland or Exmoor and require detailed and sensitive consideration at all stages of the process from planning through to the final restoration.


We have designed and planned numerous sand, gravel and hard rock quarries across the south of the UK and continue to provide a consultancy service to Hanson Aggregates PLC. These projects have ranges from impact assessments for new sites, planning applications, restoration design, site stripping and restoration contract management.  

Quarry Design & Restoration

MPA restoration awards 2011 the Quarry Life Awards

Biodivesity best practice West Knighton:

West Knighton restored (4) wEst Knighton restored (3) Phase 4 of the quarry fully restored ot grade 1 agricultural land with gentle contours Phase 3 fully restored to grade 1 agricultural land and grazed to establish a grass sward west Knighton just after restoration The relcation of an existing field hedge at a lower level Extraction during phase 3 and 4 and the retention of existing field hedges Careful placement of uncompacted topsoil and subsoil durin restoration Screening bunds to the working quarry phases West Knighton during extraction