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ACLA was commissioned by Donnington New Homes to prepare an LVIA for up to 75 new houses on land just beyond the northern settlement boundary of Newbury, Berkshire.


We asseses the visual impacts on the wider landscape as minimal. The highest visual impact were assesed at close distance form the site boundary. We also considered it important to retain the mature vegetation along a rural land on the western site boundary and elswhere to reduce the impacts on the local landscape character. As well as retaining all the mature vegetation around the site, we proposed wide green buffer strips to the site boundaries which included areas of woodland blocks and wildflower meadows to reduce the visual and character impacts on the local rural landscape and provide wildlife habitats and an attractive low-key setting to the development. We also proposed wetland and pond area planting within the drainage basins on the site to benefit wildlfie and enhace biodiversity.  



Case Study - Coley Farm, Newbury

The housing scheme was approved in 2017. In late 2019 we were comissioned to prepare a revised LVIA and detailed planting plans and designs for a new layout on the site together with a design for a Locally Equipped Area of Play (LEAP).

Landscape & Visual Impact Assessments (LVIAs) are often a requirement for a planning applications if the visual impact or the wider environmental impact of a development could be considered to be adverse. ACLA has carried out over forty LVIAs in Berkshire, Cornwall, Dorset, Hapmpshire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and other areas across the UK.


The reports assess the current environmental condition, its sensitivity and its ability to absorb change. We then  assess visual and landscape character impacts on the environment assuming the development is to take place. We suggest mitigation measures to reduce or mitigate the impacts to an acceptable level if possible or necessary. Mitigation could be through direct design such as: a reduction in size/scale, the use of sympathetic materials, or by landscape design, such as: repairing/enhancing surrounding habitats, planting screen belts,native hedges or tree planting, Our LVIAs are carried out withi the current guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment published by the Landscape Institute.

Landscape & Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA)

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